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Providing Comfort & Ease

When your loved one is moving on to the next part of life’s journey, we want to be there to provide support and comfort.

We provide compassionate care and personalized services for our residents in our community with an advanced illness or disease to help improve the quality of their lives while they are in hospice care.

During this time, we are also here for the families of loved ones in our care and can provide support services and resources for you.

We are here for you and your loved one and want to provide comfort and ease. Contact us to discuss our hospice care services.

What Is Hospice Care?

Hospice care is for those with an advanced illness or disease who can receive dedicated care, comfort, and support during the next steps in their journey.

Our care helps to alleviate our resident’s symptoms and attend to their daily needs while giving them and their family the feeling of support, ease, and comfort of the Liana of Sarasota community.

When to Choose Hospice Care

If a loved one is transitioning into life’s next phase, hospice care can provide the support, comfort, and guidance you and your loved one need during this delicate time. 

There are many reasons why hospice care at Liana of Sarasota may be the right choice for your loved one, including: 

  • Support for family members with a loved one who has an advanced illness or disease
  • Alleviation of stress and confusion among the family members 
  • Providing a comfortable path to the next steps of their loved one’s journey

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Understanding the right choice to make for a family member during their life’s next journey can be a difficult one. 

Liana of Sarasota wants to make it simple with comfortable care and support with our hospice services. Contact us to discuss how hospice care can support your loved one today.

Why Choose Us?

Find Short-Term Care

In addition to memory care, Liana of Sarasota also provides respite care. Discover more about our short-term lifestyle services today.

Services & Experiences

Liana of Sarasota is intentional in the experience we offer, from picturesque courtyards to professionally-supported dining experiences.

Comfort & Convenience

Our apartments are centered around providing a life of comfort and ease. Take a closer look at what your loved one can expect today.

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  • 2630 University Parkway
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